Google has unveiled a wireless charging station Stand Pixel

In addition to smartphones and tablet, Google has introduced the dock Pixel Stand. The phone can be placed on a stand vertically, so that it can be used in the moment while it’s charging.

In addition, you can use any Qi-compatible smartphone in hands-free mode, similar to the new smart display with support for Google Assistant.

It is noteworthy that a couple of hours before the presentation, Google, us mobile operator Verizon inadvertently posted on its website all the information about Pixel 3 and Pixel Stand.

“It’s much more than wireless charging. We are presenting Google Pixel Stand. You can use a tap or simple voice commands to check the schedule to find the time to adjust the temperature and turn off the lights,” said Google representatives at the presentation.

Thus a wireless charging station you can use the same as Google Home.

The accessory will go on sale on 25 October at a price of 79 U.S. dollars. Pre-order is already available to residents of America, Canada and the UK on Google.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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