Google maps for iOS got a new widget on “next Tube”

Google Maps has got a new widget on “next Tube” to learn about traffic congestion on your way to work or home. The corresponding functionality is now available in the update 4.25.

Now iPhone and iPad users can add to the lock screen new widget “Tube next”. It can be used to monitor the situation on the roads in real time to obtain information about the state of traffic.

To configure a function, you must open the widget bar, scroll down the screen to the button “Edit” and add the widget in the usual way. To use this function, you need to allow Google Maps access to the GPS module of the iPhone.

Another change in the update concerns the navigation functions. In the new version of Google Maps the user can search for places along your route navigating.

With the release of previous updates will recall, Google has added native support for iOS 10 and updated widgets “Next stop” and “travel Time”. These widgets Google Maps allow you to view departure times for public transport and to learn about traffic congestion.

Another change concerns the option of uploading photographs to sites on the map. Using Google Maps at any time to add your images to the card and delete them. We also added the ability to view information about places (for example, the description of the characteristics and atmosphere).

Features Google Maps 4.25 for iPhone and iPad:

  • Widget “next Tube” on the home screen helps to monitor the situation on the roads.
  • Find places along the route are now available in navigation mode.
  • Errors fixed.

Download new version of Google Maps for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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Clifton Nichols

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