Google Play has started to warn users about the presence of ads in apps

Shop Google Play on the application pages that contain advertising, there were some warning about it. In the last year Google has sent letters to the developers asking them to indicate whether their program paid ads. Now this feature added to the Android app store.

Now in the app description along with the name of the development, the section to which it relates, and the rating you can see the inscription “There are ads”. In that case, if the developers will not warn me about such in their applications, the punishment may be removal from the store. Google also reserves the right to verify the presence of advertising and to add a warning on their own.

Advertising allows to exist variety of applications and be distributed free of charge, however, the majority of users, it is annoying, taking up valuable space on the small screens of mobile devices, this consumes power and bandwidth. Google believes advertising banners, inserts, presentation and selling of the content, at first glance no different from the main content of the application.

Analysts believe that if these steps will lead to a decrease in the number of downloads of these applications, the number of paid apps on Android could increase.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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