Google started selling the adaptors with USB-C on “mini-Jack”

Google has followed Apple’s example and stripped Pixel 2 headphone connector. Included with the smartphone is the appropriate adapter with USB-C on “mini-Jack”.

Those who are planning to use classic headphones with Pixel 2, the better to keep the adapter, as the replacement will cost $ 20. Twice as expensive than the Apple, which many blamed for the high cost of accessories.

Also, the publication Android Police notes that in order to simultaneously listen to music and charge your phone, have to buy another adapter from Moshi for $ 45.

Of course, over time other manufacturers catch up and start to sell a cheaper adapter, and better yet not to lose the supplied adapter or to pay attention to wireless headphones Buds Pixel.

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL was submitted on 4 October. In addition, Google revealed laptop Pixelbook, speakers, Home mini, Home Max and camera Google Clips.

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