Grammarnazi: set of stickers true grammar-Nazi [+6 promo]

Many are very concerned about the quality of modern writing. This topic dedicate to books and articles editors get letters, and radio host calls into the Studio, which critics are not holding back their claims. They care about the purity of literary language. New stickers for iMessage is designed precisely for those users – a true Grammar-Nazi. Now they can easily and clearly to poke his nose to correct the mistakes of their friends.

The set of stickers called Grammarnazi have the tools to correct such common errors as “-tsya/-tsya”, “MS”, “Shi”, insert missing letters, hyphens, commas, and much more.

Strikethrough sharp, pungent red ink and fat deuce reinforce the emotions of the guilty. A little life hack for accurate sight – a long tap on the lower part of the sticker to easily be moved on/over/under the desired word/part of a word.

Grammar Nazi is an Internet meme that came to Russia from the West. The so-called users that are communicating in the Network, always pick on the small errors and typos to his interlocutors, provoking debate on the topic of literacy.

This phenomenon has become so widespread that “grammar Nazis” even got its own comic graphic symbol, a stylized Nazi flag.

Download set of stickers Grammarnazi on iPhone and iPad at this link.

The developer has provided us with 6 promo codes for free downloads of the stickers. Codes will be raffled among the visitors who left a comment on the article. Don’t forget to fill in the E-mail. Good luck!

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