Graphic designers choose Apple iPad Pro and Pencil

Do you believe that high-tech Duo consisting of iPad Pro and Apple pen Pencil capable of squeezing out the authentic ways of drawing through pencil and paper? I think these will be few, but more and more artists are choosing the “professional” kit from Apple, being one hundred percent confident in the correctness of the decision.

Widely known in narrow circles Studio graphic artist MindSea Amanda Somers openly stated about iPad Pro given preference. According to Amanda, her choice was affected by the routine process of digitizing a physical image and its further processing and “pull” in a graphics editor.

“I have a renewed respect for the Apple, experiencing the full beauty of the combination of iPad Pro and Pencil, — said the artist. – I’m sure with their help, the sketches turn out at least as good pencil. Besides the iPad Pro has saved me from having to constantly blow off the debris from the eraser and start placing hundreds of sketches […]”.

Noting amazing natural feel of drawing, Amanda was able to “drag” on your side of the whole team MindSea. Thanks to zero latency when working with Pencil, as well as its multiple functionality, painters without much difficulty stepped on the path of “Apple” of evolution.

If among our readers there are artists, please comment on the choice of his colleagues.

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