Hackers broke into the system synchronization Opera

Service of synchronization of information of Opera browser has been hacked, in which were compromised accounts and passwords of users. This is stated on the website of the company.

Intruders hacked Opera Sync. This cloud service allows you to store user data and settings to simplify the use of the browser on different devices and different platforms. For example, in Opera Sync stored usernames and passwords to online services, social networks and postal services. And here this database and gained access to hackers.

Attack of the attackers were blocked by developers. The company said that all the information is stored in encrypted form. The scale of the leak is still unknown, but Opera just in case, reset the passwords for all users and sent them a letter with an urgent request to update them to other resources too.

The fact that the attackers may have received login and password from the accounts, and therefore theoretically had the ability to decrypt all the information stored in the cloud Opera.

According to the company, the Opera browser uses 350 million people. Service Sync more than 1.7 million users. Setting for data synchronization and account settings of the browser on different platforms.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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