Hackers have found an original way to extort money from iPhone and iPad users

Hackers have mastered a new type of fraud, which could affect iPhone and iPad users. The techniques are based on the principle of operation of a mobile device running iOS with the various services Apple, in particular, App Store, iCloud and iTunes.

One of the features of the interaction of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with IOS services is that each device has its own Apple ID account, which enables access to all Apple services. Attackers try to deceive users, convince them that the device was hacked after gaining access to your Apple ID account. For their fraud ransomware use the service Find My iPhone.

On the screen of the iPhone or iPad victims the message: “This device is locked. Unlock it for $ 50. Postal address for more information: [email protected]”.

In such cases, users do not despair: simply enter the four-digit PIN code that is installed on the smartphone, then access the iPhone back. If the device does not have a password, you must restore the factory settings on the device.

According to experts, such actions of the hackers must first gain access to the user’s Apple ID. However, many iPhone owners everywhere use the same simple passwords and activate two-factor authentication, so to hack their account is sometimes enough to enter your data on third party web sites where all the information will be seen by the hackers.

Experts urge users of smartphones and tablets from Apple to be vigilant and not to succumb to the tricks of fraudsters offering to donate money to access their mobile devices.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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