Hackers have posted in the open access tools for hacking the iPhone from the company Cellebrite

Unknown hackers have posted in the shared tools used by intelligence agencies to crack iPhone and hundreds of Android smartphones. These files are owned by Israeli company Cellebrite, which provides intelligence services of different countries tools for hacking mobile devices.

In January of this year it became known that the unknown hacker broke into the server Cellebrite. Dump a volume of 900 GB contains scripts, logs, lists of customers and other technical information. And now the unknown laid out in open access the cache stolen from the company’s files related to the hacking of mobile devices.

Investigative authorities and police, the United States spent on technology Cellebrite “millions of dollars”. It is also believed that this firm has helped the FBI to crack an iPhone 5c, left at the scene of a terrorist in San Bernardino.

One of the main products is a device Cellebrite UFED (Universal Forensic Extraction Device) for extracting and analyzing data from smartphones, which is also used by the Investigative Committee of Russia. According to hacker, published files were obtained from the images UFED. Initially, the files were coded, obviously, to protect intellectual property rights Cellebrite, but the attacker was able to crack the encryption.

As noted by the hacker, related with iPhone codes are very similar to the tools for jailbreak, produced by enthusiasts for free. An expert in computer security Jonathan Zdziarski confirmed that some of the published files is almost identical to previously released the breaks. As noted by the expert, the other parts of the code like jailbreak QuickPwn, however, they were adapted to the needs of the investigators. For example, in the dump, there is code to implement brute force attacks on PIN codes, although the usual jailbreak-exploits such a function is not provided.

Link to download the entire archive available on the website Pastebin. Theoretically, anyone can download and deploy on your computer the same tools used by intelligence agencies. Study the contents of the dump are already engaged in security experts.

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