Harman/Kardon Esquire Mini: when “mini” is only nazvanie review

The company’s products for Harman we are familiar not by hearsay. She has long established itself in the global market is sound and has in its Arsenal a variety of devices, from receivers and turntables to headphones and wireless speakers. And today we in the editorial was one of the members of this family ā€” column Esquire Mini. Think again “a”, then there would be nothing interesting? Do not jump to conclusions.

Harman is always able to surprise, largely thanks to its special attention to detail. That only is the diaphragm the Aura or side-lining the JBL Charge 2. It all forms an impression about the product, even if you haven’t turned it on. The same “wow-effect” familiar to us from Apple, we felt, when picked up Esquire Mini.

Column made of aluminium (Hello, Jonny Ive!), and also has a leather rear panel. This combination is comparable to the presence of both platinum and sapphire watch Breitling as beautiful, but a lot of budget. The design is really stunning.

In addition to the column, in the box you will find a cable to charge it (use a micro-USB port) and leather strap for comfortable carrying, which is fixed on the side of the device. The inscription Harman/Kardon not even the cable shows that you just deal with the original.

In the hand of the Esquire Mini is almost perfect: its size is 140 x 24 x 75,4 mm and weighs just 238 grams. Only twice as heavy as iPhone 6s, but noticeably lighter the same iPad. It’s difficult to describe the feelings that arise when we take this column in hand. The company offers four versions of finish leather ā€” white, black, beige and brown: who what color like. At the ends you will find the button to adjust the volume, activate Bluetooth, turn on and answer the call. Yes, if you suddenly forgot your phone in another room, will be able to communicate through the speakers.

The microphone is neatly covered by a net and is located next to light indicator of battery Esquire Mini.

The stand slides easily by clicking and in the style of slash from the name Harman/Kardon. Here’s an interesting trick.

By the way, in addition to the port to “power” the speakers, the side port is for charging other devices ā€” such as iPhone or iPod. You can listen to music either by connecting the smartphone via Bluetooth or plugging in headphones column.

What sound? Esquire Mini is noticeably louder than other portable speakers from competitors, though deep bass can be forgotten. However with high frequencies, it consults on hurrah, I can even watch a movie with no audio (Yes, we tried). Considering how many opportunities this column, small flaws in sound can be neglected.

The claimed battery life of column is 10 hours when the battery capacity is about 2000 mAh. With such dimensions this impressive performance.

In General, it is a great device for travel, small parties and listening to music outdoors with a good ratio price/quality. To buy the Esquire Mini is in the stores for 9 990 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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