Have supported the execution of gays in Orlando inhabitant of Tatarstan seized the iPhone as an instrument of crime

Former TV presenter Ramil Ibragimov who received notoriety after publicly admired the mass shooting of a gay club in the us city of Orlando, lost his iPhone. The court seized from the former head of the Union of young leaders of innovations smartphone by Apple as the tool of a crime. In addition, Ibragimov was fined 50 000 rubles.

The controversial post appeared in Instagram Ibragimov in the evening of 13 June 2016. He placed the photo on which stands in an embrace with his girlfriend, accompanied by a picture signature that was full of obscene remarks about the Americans who were shot “some Afghan kid” because they came in a gay club. The author regretted that he’d killed all the wounded.

The post was duplicated on the page Ibragimova in “Vkontakte”, then the address of the head of the Union of young innovation leaders fell criticisms. The publication was commented by the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. He called thoughts in support of the terrorists is absolutely unacceptable.

15 Jun portal change.org there was a petition demanding to punish Ibragimov for these statements. The post was posted with iPhone, which was considered an instrument of crime.

Ibragimov did not show remorse about his words, though, and deleted the message. He said that “by nature Tolstoyan,” and that “against us is the real war”, they say, through the Internet and TV “our deliberately corrupt the youth”.

20 June against Ibragimov was a criminal case under article 205.2 of the criminal code (public calls for terrorist activity or public justification of terrorism). The trial began on Monday. The accused explained that the massacres in the USA happen very often, and at the time of publishing the post in Instagram, he had very little information about the incident, not knowing that speech can go about the attack.

“This is the first call. I wouldn’t be surprised if you then start to initiate criminal proceedings in respect of those who make the shares”,— said the publication “Kommersant-Kazan” after the sentence the lawyer condemned Alexander Kogan. He does not exclude the possibility of appealing a court decision.

On the night of June 12, 2016, a U.S. citizen of Afghan origin Omar Matin killed in gay club Orlando 50 people, another 53 people were injured.

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