Health of the future: how Apple makes medicine mobile and affordable

This is not the first year Apple has successfully developed devices and applications that can make the medicine not only most accurate but also quicker and affordable. Earlier we wrote about how Apple Watch will help scientists conduct studies of eating disorders. Remember what began this way the company transformed the watch and smartphone in the family doctor.

Apple Watch

Smart watches from Apple have become a truly revolutionary device in mobile medicine. This is the first gadget that combines a variety of functions that can continuously monitor key health parameters: heart rate, blood pressure, and later the glucose level in the body without blood sampling. If necessary, you can send data to your doctor via HealthKit or create your own records in case you need emergency medical care.


Debut in the world of serious medicine were for Apple APIs HealthKit (“Health”), which were submitted in 2014 along with the updated iOS 8. HealthKit sinhroniziruete data obtained from different applications for fitness and health into a single application, and is able to analyze indicators and to give recommendations. In addition, health workers connected to the system can track the patient’s condition online. The platform was developed by a huge team of experts, which included doctors American network “Mayo Clinic”, as well as the developers of Nike.


Another breakthrough in the field of medical applications happened a year after the release of “Health”. ResearchKit (Research) — open software platform operating on the same principle as HealthKit. It is designed to help physicians and scientists to obtain more accurate data from study participants through applications on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Data collection on the issue of eating disorders will be made with this system. Now based on the platform already studies of breast cancer, asthma, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s disease and diabetes.


This platform was designed for those who need care. CareKit system like HealthKit tracks the status of your health, and in case of deterioration (a program can do by yourself or you can choose this option) will send notification to your relatives or the ambulance service to come before surrender. Also the platform makes life easier for parents whose child grows up with severe medical problems. For example, Corrie Health app helps parents of such children to understand the symptoms to create a customized treatment plan and allows more holistically assess the child’s condition and to monitor its change.

Updated the Apple Watch, as well as medical platforms for working on iOS, Apple confirmed the intention to establish itself in the healthcare market. Now in more than 500 clinics in the US work with these applications and devices use data to create medical records of the patient. All this points to the emergence of a new class of consumers of the company, who in matters of health will be expected to track their performance using the gadget, or send data to a doctor online, without a visit.

Unfortunately, such a system can only exist in the USA, so as to use the data must not only iPhone users, of which there are most in the world, but also of the clinic, ready to follow the technology. In other countries the infrastructure of this level is not yet available.

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