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Apple watch will help you not only keep yourself in shape, but also will save your life in an emergency situation. This is not the article in the spirit of the yellow press, but a real situation faced 17-year-old Floor hole.

The story of our hero begins a few days before the events described below. It was then that Paul got a new Apple watch, when preparing to go to a sports Academy in Massachusetts. But he had no idea that a wearable device is so it will help out.

After one of trainings the hole felt heart palpitations. His health confirmed the heart rate monitor built into the Apple Watch, showing 145 beats/min. Extremely high figure even for an athlete. But, worst of all, the tachycardia did not stop even after a long rest. Then in stepped coach boys and took him to the infirmary. As it turned out later, at that moment Paul was experiencing renal failure. Abdominis syndrome, which causes paralysis of all muscles, which can lead to death.

“During one of the workouts I had a hard time breathing and I felt a sharp pain in the back, — told reporters the hole. – At the hospital I was told that even a little bit, and I could die right on the football field”

Very unusual story, learning about which hardly anyone would call the Apple Watch the thing for entertainment. Of course, tribute should be given to the doctors who saved the life of a boy, but because the “primary diagnosis” was held for hours.

A similar situation, when the Apple Watch came to help the teenager, occurred in Tennessee. The boy, who was hit by a car, could not reach the phone to call the rescue service. But he did it with Siri and hours that were on his arm. Who knows what would the fate of these two guys, not if they have Apple Watch.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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