Help Commands iOS 12 in real life?

In iOS 12 Apple introduced the app Team, which was to change the way we use iPhone. Did the idea to Apple or not — will understand.

For those who do not know the “Team” — is an application that was created on the basis of another application Workflow. Apple bought it in 2017. Commands allow you to create automated actions that should improve the experience of using iPhone. It is necessary, for example, when you often have to perform several consecutive actions. In this case, you can create a shortcut is that pressing one button will perform these actions.

I tried to use a Workflow, but its interface was too complex and the opportunities more limited than the “Teams”. When Apple introduced this app in iOS 12, I immediately wanted to test it, because I was hoping that the developers were able to simplify the interface. So what happened to create and share shortcuts has become much easier.

If I’m using shortcuts in real life? Yes, but not as much as I would like. The main problem of app is that it is not installed by default. It is necessary to download from the App Store, and to download need to know about him. Apple did nothing in order to declare the application, except for a small paragraph on the official website. No advertising, no training videos, no affiliate materials — nothing. Promotion of the team rests on the shoulders of journalists and enthusiasts. Because of this, the application knows about a small number of people.

The second reason is features of the app. I have a list of programs that I would like to see support for “Teams”. It gradually decreases, but it all depends on the wishes of the developers. Again, it all depends on the spread of “Teams”. Many developers are refusing or slow to add support for shortcuts in their applications, because I think that this feature will not be too popular.

If we talk about the process of creating their teams, here too there is something to complain about. Apple has simplified adding shortcuts, but this only works for simple commands. If you want to create some complex command, where many variables, it could be very difficult. On the Internet there are instructions on how to create their own teams, but they are written on the basis of a certain shortcut. On the Apple support site explains how to create a team, but the trouble is, it consists of two simple steps. Some more complex materials Apple doesn’t produce.

Another issue the team is run. Apple made a widget to let users quickly access the shortcuts. Here’s how it works really: need to take your iPhone in hand, unlock it, go to the widgets screen, scroll it down, if you use a lot of widgets to find the desired command and run it. A lot of action. Some teams do only in this way would be more correct to use. But we need full automation to the system proposed to run a team at some point.

For example, when I go to bed (usually at the same time), the system needs to understand this and to offer to run my shortcut that activates the desired alarms, switches the mode “do Not disturb” and need a playlist in Spotify or Apple Music. It would be really convenient. While this is not possible and it’s sad.

As I said, I use “Command”. I have about 20 of them, most of which I do not include. Most often these commands are related to work, for example, the creation of beautiful screenshots and a quick import of images in Dropbox.

With the right approach from the team can be a great future. It all depends on Apple, because while the company does not pay attention to the app, and use it, no one will.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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