Hide icons and folders in iOS 9 without jailbreak

Many users of iOS devices are faced with the need if not to remove a particular application (e.g. the default), then at least hide it from prying eyes. Of course, the installation of the jailbreak solves many problems, but not everyone dares to crack your smartphone or tablet. We’ll tell you how you without problems and unnecessary body movements to hide the icon, or folder entirely.

Introduced in iOS 7 transparent interface allows you to protect prying eyes from any application. However, we have to sacrifice vivid and colourful Wallpapers, desktop plain white or grey background. How to do it, I think, know everything, and therefore detailed instructions on searching and “gluing” Wallpaper count.

Hide folders

After completing the necessary manipulations with images, you, my young conspirators, have to go to your ‘Settings’ app. Follow the following path: “Main” – accessibility “Increase contrast”. Then, if you chose a grey color scheme on the desktop, move the toggle switch down “transparency” in the “on” position. If it’s white it do the opposite. Here it is:

Now copy these symbols [⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀] (without the brackets) and replace the folder name. Voila! In a folder the icons look like hanging in the air. See for yourself:

Hide the actual app

In order to hide the application icon, you’ll need to make a little more effort. Install from the App Store on your device Free utility App Icon, open it and select the tab “Create” — “Link”. You will be asked to choose its logo. Install as such recently saved gray (or white) background. In the “Enter URL” hammer any text or combination of the above gaps.

Click “Install”. Which opens a tab in Safari is afraid of this is not necessary. As it should be. Add the application icon to the desktop. Here it is:

Should look like this (the signature is stored in the proof that the icon is really there):

Perhaps, many the result may not seem too elegant. However, to protect the secret data so will absolutely everyone. Use.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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