HomePod appeared online three months before the official release

Apple will start selling the “smart” column HomePod in December. However, apparently, now the company’s employees are testing it in everyday life. This became known from several photos in social networks.

The first picture appeared on Instagram. It unpacked column with charger located on the kitchen counter. In this posted photo, the user of the social network has signed it up in one word “HomePod”. No details, except Georiga under which the photo was taken in Shanghai, China, could not figure out.

The second photo appeared on Twitter. Social network user Benedict Evans (Benedict Evans) published the iPhone screen, on which column HomePod in the control Center designated as “kitchen”. His photo was taken in Menlo Park in California, USA.

No new details of the upcoming release HomePod users published pictures were not disclosed. Most likely, the column and its compatibility with the new iPhone top managers Apple mentioned during the presentation of smartphones next week.

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