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Although we all often suggest that you stay in reality and not virtuality, an abundance of modern gadgets still makes no-no and to dive into a wondrous other world. Putting aside the Google Cardboard, we decided to look at something more serious- a virtual reality helmet Homido VR.

Homido VR is a good combination of low price and good quality for the cost it occupies the segment between the Google Cardboard and Gear VR from Samsung, made of high quality materials. In a compact cardboard box, besides the helmet, we found covered with cloth case, a cleaning cloth, three pairs of holders and lenses the replaceable. Well, without brief instructions has not done, although after watching the video you will not need it.

Lenses are different sizes and are designed for people with good or poor vision, including myopia and hyperopia. To configuration there are no complaints — the same Cardboard is a cardboard box and two piece of glass.

Homido VR is made of plastic, equipped with rubber strap for mounting on the head and the nozzle for a tight and comfortable fit to the face. The red wheels on the sides and top you can adjust the length of straps, the distance between the lenses or between your eyes and lenses. Everything is done to ensure that the use of this helmet you have left only pleasant impressions.

The smartphone is inserted very easily — he has a special plastic clip. The building looks secure and nothing falls out. By the way, fit the helmet smartphones sizes from 4 to 5.7 inches, not only iPhone, but also Android devices.

Break Homido VR not least because there are no electronics here. This, to be honest, his advantage among competitors. But most importantly — applications for working with the helmet that will save you from searching for games or movies in the App Store or on YouTube.

App Homido Center is a catalogue of applications and other content for your helmet. It’s on iOS and Android, and has an impressive number of different games, demoscene and other interesting programs. For example, you can go on a roller coaster in Roller Coaster or to conquer a wave in Subway Surfer. Games are interesting, well drawn and forced to immerse themselves in the atmosphere.

But something interesting happens when you start some horror. In this Homido Center is — Insidious VR game that is actually tingling. Don’t know who and when will get out from behind the corner awaits danger, what to expect from the plot along. Here this uncertainty is very, very scary.

For variety, you can help the zombies in Zombie Hunter, it’s the pants after the last game not to forget to change. The variety of applications is really surprising — not weak so sticky all weekend.

Another app for your helmet — Homido Player that plays video and divides the image into a stereo pair. It is noteworthy that the rollers can be watch on YouTube or Vimeo, and play local files. The latter can be found in the tab Video Play, and video in Internet Browser. You can watch anything from short films to feature films and even adult content (by the way, very interesting application).

Cool that with Homido VR can be used not only apps from a special store, but any other games for the VR helmets, including Fibrum or Cardboard. In General, this is one of the best devices in its segment, because is the Golden mean, if you want to get acquainted with virtual reality. Of course, Oculus Rift is far away, but the difference in price is appropriate.

By the way, about the price. Up in the store-House Homido VR costs about 5 thousand rubles. A lot or a little, you ask? Yes, Google Cardboard, you can buy 10 times cheaper. But there you will get unreliable piece of cardboard with two glass slides, and here is a full helmet that something even better Samsung’s Gear VR. Yes and it will be a great gift.

So keep acquainted with virtual reality, but do not forget about the real world.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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