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The summer vacation season and as a result, trips to other cities, countries and continents. An integral part of any tour – hotel reservation: to live somewhere where it is necessary. Today, many services allow you to book the hotel, sitting at home; nothing fancy. But in order to choose the best hotel at a reasonable price, you should try to compare offers, seek out discounts, monitor reviews. In General, do a bunch of tedious things in anticipation of the holidays are still tedious. Or you can go the other way, simple – download the app Get.

Important note: the app itself will not reserve a hotel, and finds the reservation system and shows where a particular hotel is cheaper; that is not even the aggregator, and the aggregator of aggregators. At the time of the search Hotellook requesting data from its partners – well-known reservation systems –, Ostrovok, Agoda and many others. So you can see prices for hotels, which will not change when you go to the booking site. You bring in the program of the search start data – when go where and in what strength – then see that you show the app.

Choice get huge – just more than 700 thousand hotels in 206 countries. Hotellook will show what he knows. Prices, photos, average rating by users, Analytics, and reviews, including what percentage of the guests speak the same language, and even estimates at different points. In addition, there are separate badges from the developers of the applications that are given to the best hotels in the categories. They allow you to understand what best suits the school: families with children, business trip or romantic getaway.

Due to the fact that Hotellook works with all known reservation systems, the price of the hotel will be minimal. With many Hotellook works directly. If the price on the website is cheaper than that shown Ostrovok or Booking, you’ll see it.

Plus Hotellook – the extremely detailed filtering system. We need “four” in the city centre? No problem – drive and look for the relevant data. Need a cheap hostel on the outskirts, but with a small number of beds in the room? Hotellook you will find everything – and at the same time will help you to save. You can search for hotels by city or by distance from anywhere or even from the beach or the ski lift. Any hotels you can save in a special list. After the preliminary selection, you can compare any accommodation between them.

Hotellook – the perfect app for everyone who travels at least once a year.

Hotellook can download for free in the App Store and Google Play below:

  • Hotellook iOS
  • Hotellook for Android
Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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