How Apple makes our travel more comfortable

You like to travel? I think the answer of the majority to this question is positive. After all, few people can live their entire lives in their native region, not having seen the foreign beauties and attractions. Especially since even the flights to another continent today turns into the same routine as the daily trip by metro or taxi. But what does this have to do with Apple?


Despite the obvious imperfection of Apple Maps, use them outside of Russia and CIS countries are much more comfortable. The service allows you to access three-dimensional map of the urban landscape, beheld him from the height of bird flight, and also provides information on the timetables of public transport. “We” are the same chips are still not available, hinting at a direct purpose cards as a service to travellers.

Apple Pay

Going abroad, almost every one of us fears for the safety of their own funds. Very conservative of this world prefer to keep their money in their own pocket sewn on the inside of the pants, while more advanced use Apple Pay. Of course, you will hardly be able to use the service to travel around the region. But it can be very useful in large cities, where will avoid incompatibility of the local terminal with the cards of foreign banks.

Apple SIM

The perfect solution for those whose life is half travel. Thanks to the universal SIM card you will not need to purchase a local card upon arrival to a few days forgetting about it and latent conditions for failure. Simply choose a tariff and stay connected wherever you may be. However, there has not been without compromise ā€“ the Apple SIM is compatible not with all LTE frequencies, and therefore unable to broadcast the Internet signal at the maximum speed everywhere.


No matter how many there were ways to contact the remaining on the other side of the world relatives, personally, I always prefer them with FaceTime. High sound quality, stability of images and no need for additional registration at the mobile phone number speak in favor of a native app. And most importantly ā€“ it is already installed on your iPhone or iPad.

International warranty

Sounds weird, agree? But this factor contributes to a comfortable journey, regardless of direction. Wherever you move, wherever you go retain the right to repair the defective gadget at a standardized price, which if differs from country to country, very low. A well-developed network of service centers increases the probability that you just exchange the device for a new one considering the damage to the factory.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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