How Apple technologies can help people live [video]

In the day of the General awareness of the availability (Global Accessibility Awareness Day) or just GAAD Apple has demonstrated how to help people with disabilities. The company has posted on YouTube a series of videos about people whose lives have drastically changed the “Apple” products.

GAAD dedicated to the promotion in the IT industry ideas accessibility, i.e. the availability of interfaces for users with disabilities. Historically all began with the availability of the web interfaces, but now is the day of awareness has spread throughout the digital field.

Action Apple called “For all” and shows how technology can change lives for the better. Each of the seven video tells about the different people who are Apple products helping to overcome their limited capabilities.

So, TouchChat on the iPad helps girl with impaired motor skills and speech to communicate with friends and order food in a restaurant. Paralyzed Todd, CEO of technology consulting company not only conducts business with an iPhone, but its Home, can open the doors, turn on light and choose the desired ringtone from playlist.

Blind Carlos Vasquez, musician and PR Manager of the rock band Distartica, uses voice-over from iPhone to live and work. Shane, head of school music ensemble can not imagine my life without a special hearing aid for the iPhone.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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