How can I recover a deleted note on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Notes on both iOS and OS X are deleted with a single click ā€” the system even asks you if you want to get rid of his creativity. Wonder why? And all because in fact the notes are not deleted after you click on the icon with the basket.

If the earlier notes were removed permanently (I myself at the time, have lost so few lectures on your iPad), now they are first moved to a special section of “Recently deleted”. To access it, it is sufficient to exit to the main menu with all the folders of notes that you have.

Here you will find notes that are deleted in last 30 days (after that time they are automatically deleted).

Then you are faced with a choice: either to permanently remove the note manually (if you don’t want someone to see them), or to restore, if deleted by mistake. Click “Edit”, select the desired notes and then make the necessary action is floating back to all the notes, or deleted.

Now you will not panic in case of accidental deletion of notes. By the way, in exactly the same way recover recently deleted photos ā€” the appropriate folder you will find in the Photos app.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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