How does block work on a Mac, and what to do if Mac blocked

In case your Mac gets into the hands of third parties, Apple has a special procedure for the lock, which prevents the use of the device by hackers. But sometimes, unfortunately, suffer from this by the owner, and in this case, lock the Mac turns into a severe headache.

It all started with the fact that one of our readers faced a vexing problem: he had remotely picked up the password to iCloud and locked the computer. It would seem that if he is the owner of the computer, Apple should also be able to unlock the device. But it was not so simple.

To lock iPhone or iPad and Mac is very different. In the second case, blocked the EFI chip that must be reprogrammed, however remotely it can be done. We contacted Apple support and made sure that unlocking really need to contact an authorized service center.

But the interesting thing is that the service release was paid, since it’s not a defect in the device and the services charge money for it. Our reader from Murmansk asked for it 4 500 rubles. And it’s authorized service center.

We interviewed representatives of the few authorized service centers in Moscow and found out the average pricing of unlock — from 1 500 to 2 000 rubles. Cheaper, what can I say. Also when you contact the service center will require the check to confirm that you own the computer. They have special equipment to reprogram the EFI.

We can help You, for this is necessary to document the purchase, the value of 2 000 rubles, if the attackers blocked the computer by deleting data, so they are no longer available. The unlock procedure is to soft reset enabled security mode, with the motherboard of Your device. With Your disk no action is performed.

As we found out, relevant work is carried out by unauthorized service centers. In this case vpaivaetsja EFI, data are adjusted using the programmer and then set the chip back. It is not very simple, so the price for the service is appropriate.

Unlocking Mac are also involved in a third party — in this case, you must pay them some amount (e.g., $ 149), and then send them your computer to reprogram the EFI. How appropriate, you decide, but we wouldn’t recommend it. However, these guys are proof of purchase or supporting documents will not be asked.

There are other questionable organizations that accept payment and then send you by email a special file, which supposedly unlocks Mac. As they say, at your own risk, although the video is.

So from an unpleasant situation with the locked computer have two choices to make all at an authorised SC or entrust it to third parties. It is strange that Apple takes money for it even with all of the necessary documents. Even authorized service centres can set arbitrary prices — in this case controls only the FAS, but not Apple.

To avoid this situation, use two-step authentication, and in any case don’t register an Apple ID on or Accounts with these email services are more vulnerable to hacking, according to Apple representatives.

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