How does car search in iOS 10

In iOS 10 there was an interesting and useful feature of “Search for car”, whose title speaks for itself. In Parking lots of large shopping centers of big cities this is particularly true especially if you forgot where you left the car. Until recently, I treated her fairly skeptical until I tried it myself.

IPhone to “remember” a car, it need to connect to it using Bluetooth or CarPlay. Most modern cars are equipped with at least one of the data interfaces. You can make calls, listen to music ā€” in short, do everything as usual. But as soon as you turn the engine off and moved away from the car for some distance, in the notification Center the widget’s “destination maps” will appear a new item “Parking Spot”.

You can click on the widget ā€” open map, where up to 50-100 meters will show the location of the vehicle. In my case the error was only 10 meters. It also includes the ability to build a route to the car.

Pleased that in this case, the iPhone does everything himself. No need to open a particular app, smartphone independently remembers the location of the vehicle.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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