How does the iPhone 7 Plus in the color “black onyx” in 2 months without a case

Buy black onyx iPhone 7 – a real compromise, to go on which not everyone agrees. Once we touch him, to looked at a bunch of prints to understand what it is you condemn yourself, and choose something less flashy, but much more practical. There are, however, those for whom the first impression is much more important consequences. It is because of that principle we can observe the process of natural wear such iPhone.

“To achieve a gloss effect iPhone case 7 color “black onyx” subjected to high-precision nine-the process of anodizing and polishing — should be from the official website. – On the strength of its housing surface is not inferior to other anodized products Apple, but as you use it may appear small scratches. If it bothers you, we recommend you to choose a case to protect your iPhone.”

That is so evasive and flowery, Apple warned its customers against premature frustration of new colors. Despite this, it is hardly newfound owners were willing to hide the exquisite beauty of the gloss in the case, not appreciating the benefits of the unique coloring. And, as it turned out, in vain. This is confirmed by the user of the website Reddit, demonstrated every scratch that appears in the body of his iPhone just two months of operation without a cover.

On presented photo it is visible that from the original gloss left over. The smartphone looks worn and tired order. However, if to get rid of the fingerprints can be done in just one movement, to cover up the scratches completely will be able to either re-polishing or cover. The same “gossamer” appeared on the body of the iPod Classic and iPod Touch already in the first week even with careful use. Then Apple did not invent anything better how to replace glossy to matte.

I wonder how in the world will go this time?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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