How does the return of older smartphones at the Apple Store

Apple has Apple GiveBack program for the exchange and recycling of old devices. The company pays money for different products, regardless of manufacturer and year of manufacture. The journalist of Business Insider told how he got the money for your iPhone 6.

It all started with the Apple website where you can find out the cost of your device. The money Apple lists on special cards Apple Store. They can pay at all retail stores of the company.

Apple offers to answer a few questions to assess the status of the smartphone. They include information about the screen size and the overall performance of the phone.

iPhone 6 Business Insider journalist Keefe of Leswing was in good condition, so Apple offered him $ 75. On the website immediately, you can print a receipt to send your smartphone in the mail, but Lessing chose to go to the Apple Store.

The store had a lot of people, but after five minutes, the Apple employee Store, began to return smartphone. He asked the same questions that were on the Apple website.

The iPhone 6 Leswing was one serious flaw that prevent to pass the mobile ā€” magnet on back side for mounting to the assist, which was tightly glued. The store employee said it would be considered “hardware modification”, so the device cannot be taken in this form.

But Apple had a tool that removes stickers and other accessories from the housing. After several minutes, the magnet was removed.

Five minutes later, the Apple employee issued a refund and given a gift card for $ 75.

The whole process took about 30 minutes from the moment as a journalist came into the shop. If not for the problem the magnet on the back side, the process would have passed even faster.

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