How else could be called Apple Watch Nike+

Our colleagues from 9to5Mac readers noticed a reference to a previously unknown models from Apple. On the Apple websites for different countries found references to Apple Watch Victory. Immediately there were a lot of theories about what it could be for the model, but it’s probably just early name of Apple Watch, Nike+. Why do we believe?

On the same page of the Apple website for different countries instead of the Apple Watch Victor it was about the Apple Watch, Nike+. In addition, Nike is a brand Victory, which the company uses for some of its products. Finally, the Apple after some time got rid of all mentions of the Apple Watch Victory, replacing them with Apple Watch Nike+.

Of course, I want to believe that this title is something special, but most likely it is not. It is worth noting that the name Apple Watch Victory doesn’t sound so bad, but does not have any Association with Nike.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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