How Facebook destroyed the idea Instagram

For a long time, Instagram was just a place that valued creativity and originality. Buy the social network mark Zuckerberg did not seem to make major changes in its policies, but six years later, Instagram is again and again frustrating its users — and here’s why.

Facebook took control of Instagram back in 2012, but the problems with this social network began only 3 years later. For a long time in order to gain a large audience and become a real blogger, it was enough to be able to take beautiful photos and create unique content, occasionally participating in contests. With the 2015 year, the activity started to fall noticeably: likes became smaller, and many began to notice a huge loss of subscribers. Does their content has gotten worse?

Society devoted fans Instagram is gradually declining — people use them out of habit or because she had at the time to gain an audience for works in the advertising industry. Now, thanks to Facebook, to become popular, need other tools.

First and foremost, it’s advertising. You can buy it even in Instagram (you need to have a business account). Running such a function, of course, effective, but it is actually the only way of moving: a guide Facebook refused the principle of chronological order of formation of the tape, and now subscribers may not see your posts for several days and even months — because they are superseded by recommended publication. The principle on which posts become so — known: the company has not offered a General recipe for high-quality post, limiting the Council to create “unique content”, which actually helps no one to stop losing subscribers and to gain audience at the expense of his talent.

Full binding of advancing to inside of the is killed the enthusiasm of the users: instead of having to create quality content, they, with rare exceptions, throw up your pages by going to other platforms. Ads appeared everywhere: it is highlighted every 5-6 publications in the ribbon, and recently began to actively appear in the Stories. Thus, Facebook made Instagram another tool for earnings (annual income from a social network – a few billion dollars), in which money has become more important than talent users and their ability to create unique content to create your own loyal audience.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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