How good is the new iPad Pro in comparison with the other line of tablets

Question the relevance of “Apple” gadgets had repeatedly been the subject of ardent debate. The beginning of these disputes put Apple itself when began to artificially limit the performance of older devices with new iOS versions. The decisive word in this “epic” was published on the website of the company approximate service life of each of its products. But this state of things had the taste not for everyone, but a colleague of mine even expressed their own disagreement with the “official” position in a recent publication. It would seem, at what here the new iPad Pro?

In order to identify the most productive and however topical to buy in 2016 iPad bloggers from the EverythingApplePro channel conducted a direct comparison of all ever published “tablets” from Apple. Devices have converged in the speed of switching on and loading web pages in the browser, the degree of the heat load and, of course, “synthetics”.

As can be seen from the video, the first iPad, went on sale back in 2010 and he feels relatively well and even ranked third in the test switching speed. The first, of course, became “full-size” iPad Pro and the second place, against all logic, won the iPad Air 2. 9.7-inch “Proshka” came to the finish line only eighth. Processor А9Х, you say?

The next most notable and closest to the everyday use test for the tablets was measuring the speed of loading web pages. In the role of “examiner” performed the English-language news site Reddit. First, as expected, the portal has uploaded a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and the last of the original iPad. The remaining gap was not so significant to thrill long-suffering owners of the iPad 2.

Not the last role in speed of loading pages played and the speed of your Internet connection. According to the results of the Speed Test, the possibility of built-in modems were totally independent of novelty gadget. And even though first place once again took the monster iPad Pro with an indicator 123 Mbps on the download, the 9.7-inch novelty has appeared only the third, the result of which, however, can be attributed to error. In fact, fundamental differences between the patterns of recent years will be hardly noticeable.

As for the heat, everything came out not so clear. The hottest in all senses of the devices are iPad third and fourth generation processor based А5Х and А6Х, showing the figure of 87.6 degrees. The three of leaders was closed by a freshman in the face of the iPad Pro 9.7” c in the result of 84.7 degrees. The most cool of all there is the iPad mini first generation. He became “only” up to 69.9 degrees after 10 minutes of testing. The results of the other tests, you can learn by watching the above video.

What iPad are you going to change it for a newer model? Share in the comments.

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Clifton Nichols

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