How it will look in the status bar and keyboard in iPhone X?

Journalists and bloggers continue to explore the beta release of iOS GM 11. They figured out how it will look in the status bar and keyboard to the iPhone X.

As you know, the new iPhone will almost frameless, with a small cutout for camera and sensors at the top. Users long been wondering how Apple will change the iOS interface to fit in the new design of the smartphone.

The status bar is divided into two parts. Put a clock on the left, and the right information about battery and signal level.

Steve Troughton-Smith has shared several screenshots of iOS 11. They show how to change status bar during a conversation on FaceTime.

Also changed the keyboard iPhone. Now part of the elements located in the lower part of the display, where was the Home button.

During charging, the battery indicator increases temporarily, hiding the other elements located on the right side of the display.

There’s a nice little animation when you connect it to power

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) September 9, 2017

To see all that’s in store for Apple will be in the coming Tuesday. At the presentation, in addition to iPhone X, shows Apple TV with support for 4K video and the Apple Watch with LTE module.

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