How long to charge iPad Pro?

iPad Pro runs on a fast chip A9X and the big screen lights up a significantly larger amount of pixels in comparison with the screens of other iPads. However, increased battery allows the new product to work as long as the previous iPad. At the same time, the charger that comes with iPad Pro, did not change. It is the same adapter that can be found in a box of iPad Air and older tablet from Apple. How long have to charge them the iPad Pro?

This question plagued ArsTechnica, they found that for fully charging the device will take 4.5 hours. Dismantling the iPad Pro, iFixit confirmed that the tablet has a large battery capacity mAh 10307. For comparison: the capacity of the iPad Air 2 battery is 7340 mAh. To charge the battery fully, will really have to spend a lot of time. If you put the iPad Pro to charge at night, you will not notice as he charged, but if you want to quickly gain a couple of percent charge during the day, you have to spend more time than we would like.

It is worth noting that 4.5 hours for full recharge takes only if you will not use the tablet while charging. However, Apple has made a very interesting step. Bundled with iPad Pro is the Lightning cable that is longer than usual. With such a cable to use the tablet on charging will be much easier, and you will not have problems with food, if you will be using an iPad Pro at home or in the workplace.

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