How might look new color 4-inch iPhone

The main feature of iPhone 5c was likely not a reduced price, and the cases are different colors. Then many said that the “C” in the title meant the word “color”. That would mean the letter “C” in the name of the new iPhone 6c, which, according to rumors, will be presented in March of this year? Colleagues from 9to5Mac believe that the smartphone will be colored again, and even offered to look at a few images.

iPhone 6c have to replace the iPhone 5s and to attract those customers who choose a smartphone with 4-inch screen and lower cost. At the end of last year we were hit by a wave of rumors about the specifications of this smartphone, which points to the imminent release of new items.


iPhone 6s are now available in grey, white, gold and pink colors. iPhone 5c offers users a more vivid yellow, green, blue and pink body. In which case you may receive a new smartphone? Colleagues from 9to5Mac suggest that the smartphone will appear in the colors of the new iPod Touch and classic colors aluminum iPhone added blue and bright pink.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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