How much does a place in line for the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max

28 September in Russia starts selling the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max. A few days before this event, near the shops begin to form a queue. Someone really wants to buy a smartphone first, and some are to sell your place.

As a rule, the longest queue appears next to the flagship store re:Store in Moscow on Tverskaya street. People take place for a few days in the hope to sell their place to those who wants to buy the smartphone before anyone else. Prices start at 40 thousand rubles. For this money you can buy 49, 50, 53 and 60.

The price tag for a place in the top twenty starts from 170 thousand rubles. It’s for twelfth place. Fifteenth is worth five thousand more.

The most expensive seats in the front of the queue. Tenth place is worth 190 thousand rubles, the seventh ā€” 225 thousand, the sixth ā€” 250 thousand.

First place in the queue outside Apple Store on Tverskaya is $ 400 thousand rubles, the second ā€” 380 thousand.

In 2017 sales of the iPhone X of the third of November, so the conditions in line was less than pleasant. The city administration even allocated the bus, that people were able to warm up.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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