How much memory to choose when buying a new Apple TV27 review

In the light of the forthcoming release of new in all respects Apple TV, many users are more likely to think about its acquisition. However, not all, imagine how much memory to choose and why. Let’s find out which option will be most preferred: 32 or 64 GB.

Apple TV 4th generation has been completely rethought and re-created actually. Now the console is running proprietary tvOS and has its own App Store. Moreover, declared support for streaming services live online and even games. It would seem that the maximum amount of storage in this case is not a luxury but an urgent need, but not everything is so unambiguous.

Apple TV, as mentioned above, comes in two models with memory at 32 and 64GB. The price of them, which is logical given the new functionality that was higher than the previous model ā€” $ 149 and $ 199 respectively. We will use the help of the Queen of Sciences and count our benefits.

Paying 149 $ for the 32 GB, we get 1 GB of space for 4,66 dollar. However, if you fork out and pay $ 50 more for the 64-Gigabyte version, it is much more economical: 1 3,11 GB for the dollar.

Predict a lot of comments about the pettiness and greed of the author, but in the choice of technology need to calculate every moment. Especially with the current dollar exchange rate all “Apple” products cost a lot. But remember, in the beginning of this article has been said about the ambiguity of choice? It’s all in the innovative design Apple for saving precious disk space.

Thanks to the mode “load as needed” any application that you download from the App Store will not load on your device completely. Instead, you get access only to the extent that is necessary for comfortable work at the moment. The rest of the code will be stored on Apple servers, saving you space.

Let us take the example of a multi-level game. Usually a player by completing tasks, discovering new levels and moves on. Now the device will only store data used and the rest is loaded as needed. Interestingly, the completed stages will be automatically deleted from your device, but if necessary, the system again “pull” them from the cache.

However consider the bandwidth of your Internet connection. Constantly cached traffic can adversely affect the Network on debtlimit tariff plans. Perhaps it would be better to pay a little extra and not worry about the safety of traffic and the necessary data.

Initially you might think that the version with volume to 64 GB is a much more profitable investment, but it is not so. Although, of course, if you are an avid gamer, buy a 32-Gigabyte model you are contraindicated.

All this means that a large amount of memory you, in General, unlikely to be needed. Moreover, in the era of cloud technologies, streaming services, online broadcasts and high-speed Internet point in paying for a ROM less and less.

Conclusions. If you are using streaming and cloud-based services is an everyday chore ā€“ feel free to choose the version in the minimum configuration. You absolutely don’t have to overpay.

However, the extra $ 50 is unlikely to ruin you, but in return you get twice the amount of disk space. Probably uploading in the future, a lot of demanding games that will certainly appear in the App Store, you will say to yourself thank you.

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Clifton Nichols

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