How much money you will lose by replacing the iPhone X to iPhone XS

We will try to understand how much it costs to use the flagships of Apple, if every year to buy their new device the day of the official start of sales. For example, take the cost of the new devices and rates used for

iPhone is one of the few smartphones that will live a healthy life four to five years, and even in the fifth year will receive the latest version of the operating system. There and their price is great, but justified. However, on the other hand iPhone is a luxury item, an indicator of a good life and many are paying for new smartphones Apple a lot of money every year just to seem cooler than the surrounding. As they say, a good bluff more than money.

So I decided to figure out how much per month is the possession of a smartphone of a dream, if every year to buy the new version.

Take for example a 64 GB iPhone X and iPhone XS 64 GB (for us the important fact of possession, not the amount of internal memory). The price for the “x” on the third of November 2017, the day of the start of sales, was $ 79990 rubles. And that’s if you take without accessories and with cash, not credit. In the latter case, the retailers throw another 15-20 thousand extra settings and insurance, and otherwise “come back in a week or two.” The iPhone XS on Apple’s official website is now 87990 rubles and it’s time to take a look at the used market.

On more than 700 listings for iPhone X 64 GB throughout Russia. The prices are normal for whole devices range from 47000 to 67000 rubles, depending on the confidence of the seller. The average cost for the market comes out to about 53000 rubles.

It turns out, buying a smartphone for 80 thousand rubles and sell it for 53000 rubles, the user loses per year 27000 rubles. It is 2,250 rubles per month. That is the amount is your monthly use of a top device on the market, if you bought it at launch and sold it a year later.

But do not forget that it is necessary to add another shiny new gold iPhone XS this year (of course Golden, but otherwise everyone around you will understand that it is not some old useless iPhone X?). Simple calculations we find out that the proceeds from the sale of money is necessary to add another 35,000 rubles, then you can safely go to the nearest store for coveted device.

At the end we can say that if you want to change the best smartphone on the market for the best, you have to shell out a tidy sum, 66% of which will return next year, and next fall to add more money, which is enough for a flagship of some Chinese companies. A year later, repeat the procedure.

However, Apple still each year hit record sales, regardless of the cost, and we are well aware that these achievements justified. Tell me in the comments what you think about the annual purchase of a new iPhone? Do as well, or wait until served faithfully for several years, the device will emit a spirit?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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