How much you can save on buying an iPad in USA?

Statistics show that users are much less likely to update the iPad than the iPhone. Not surprisingly, after buying the tablet, you want it to be served at least 2-3 years (preferably 5 years) because to update the iPad every year is not necessary. But sooner or later a new tablet would have to buy, and now with this problem faced by those who bought at the time of the iPad 2 or iPad mini first generation.

Why do we call it a “problem”? The fact that in a few years, prices grew significantly (the economic situation, and inflation and many other factors), so from current prices on the iPad to those who bought tablets in 2011 and 2012, the eyes on the forehead climb. In this situation is to grasp at any opportunity to save money on buying iPad, even if it is 4, 5 or 6 thousand rubles.

Not to miss the benefits will help the service “mail-order”, which helps to order products from USA and Europe, acting as a reliable intermediary between you and the store (in this case — the us online Apple store). The benefit of Apple haven’t upgraded their tablets, and now they have everything in stock so that the coveted gadget will get to you very quickly.

Ordering is pretty easy. After registration in the “mail-order” service provides you with an address in Delaware — you must enter on the stage “Shipping Address”, then proceed with payment and then wait for the iPad “gets” to the warehouse “our services” and to your city.

Important! iPad is not tied to any mobile operator, any tablet that you order in us online store, will work in Russian mobile networks.

If you do not want to understand the interface of a headache with the payment and other difficulties that may arise during the order process, you can use the “assisted purchase” from the “our services”. You need only the link and suggestions: everything else the staff will do for you, including order and will buy the iPad on the Apple website. Cost of service 7 % of the order value.

How much you can save when buying an iPad in USA and not in the Russian online Apple store? As shown by our small study, from 100 dollars and above — it all depends on the chosen model iPad. The biggest benefit will be when you purchase iPad Pro 12.9 — almost 15 thousand rubles. And it is for the minimum version: model more powerful (with a cellular module and more memory) would be more profitable.

Even if you add the $ 10 for shipping in the US and $ 26 for shipping to your home with Qwintry Air assisted purchase in the amount of 7% of the value obtained is still more economical. Take the iPad Air 2 128 GB Wi-Fi: the tablet is $ 499, with shipping will be $ 535. Anything cheaper than $ 640 in Russia.

We remind you about the contest which is held in conjunction with the service “mail-order”. Every week we’re giving away two free delivery. All you need to do to participate is fill out a form available on the page with the terms of the tender or later in this material. The winners will be announced on the page with the terms and conditions good luck!

And the winners of the first week of the drawing are already known!

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