How often should I change Apple equipment

Bike of the momentary transformation of the previous generation iPhone in “pumpkin” at the time of the presentation of the new model continues to exist, stubbornly lying in our brains. To get rid of stubborn stereotype does not help even a constant system updates that seem to really improve the health and performance of “old” devices. To debunk this myth finally decided Apple itself by publishing on its website based on the statistics data.

A clear preference that the company pay flagship devices, looks though not too pleasant for the owners of gadgets of previous generations, but is quite natural and logical. But those computations that Cupertino was conducted for the delineation of new products and obsolete junk, look at least interesting and make you think.

“To model the use of a specific product became more evident, we decided to measure the computing power that the owner of the device consumes in selected scenarios use. Of course, these scenarios are highly subjective and represent a highly individual approaches each of our clients. However, purchasing our first technique will be to use it in the following way: for devices running OS X and tvOS the period of use is 4 years and for watchOS and iOS 3 years”.

How often do you change equipment and do you agree with Apple on this? Share in the comments.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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