How popular 4-inch iPhone today

Apple made sure that screen flagship smartphone should be large. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s hit record sales, and the iPhone 6 Plus has become the king of phablets. Despite this, it seems many still want to use the compact device. After all, Apple have decided again to release a 4-inch smartphone. Certainly, the company is guided not by feelings, and statistics. Statistics is also available.

According to Mixpanel, the iPhone 5s is really a popular. He is in second place in popularity among all the smartphones from Apple. Here’s the data on the prevalence of different models of iPhone on 6 February this year:

  • iPhone 6 — 35,06 %
  • iPhone 5s — 19,1 %
  • iPhone 6s — 13,73 %
  • iPhone 6 Plus — 8,54 %
  • iPhone 5 — of 7.64 %
  • iPhone 5c — 5,87 %
  • iPhone 6s Plus — 4,27 %
  • iPhone 4s is 4.03 %
  • iPhone 4 — 1,74 %
  • Older iPhone — 0,03 %

Of course, users of iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c so much, not only because these people love the screen size from which they cannot refuse. Many do not need to upgrade your smartphone once a year or even every two years. Today iPhone 5s works fine on modern versions of iOS and almost no way inferior to the new iPhone. It will be interesting again to look at the statistics a year after the launch of iPhone 5se.

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