How Siri may appear in our Mac

Conversations with the iPhone and iPad have long ago become commonplace to discussions with Apple TV are already starting to get used to American users, and it would be logical to ask the question: what next? The answer is obvious: on Siri will for the development of desktop space, and I think it becomes clear exactly how this will happen.

Manufacturer Intel began to cooperate with the company Sensory, which develops speech recognition technology. Within the partnership it is planned to integrate this technology directly into a computer the Intel chips while keeping the current performance and energy consumption.

The technology, called TrulyHandsfree is a recognition of sounds, which, according to developers, will be effectively listen to the user and filter out background noise. Since Apple already uses Intel processors in Macs, there is every reason to expect that the new MacBook and iMac will receive the voice control function, which has had time to settle in many Apple devices.

We have already there are rumors that Siri may appear in the Mac, but until that point there was no specific information on how exactly this can happen. It is not excluded that already in OS X 10.12 we get the opportunity to have intimate conversations with your own computer.

According to the materials of The Next Web

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