How successful iPhone was SE in Russia

Many doubt the success of the new iPhone SE — like, even modern hardware can’t save three-year design of the device. Analysts have intensified, in particular those who cooperate with competitors Apple and say that over the weekend Russia has not been implemented and two hundred iPhone SE. We decided to find out, whether so it actually.

In that one weekend at the grey market of the Russian Federation sold a total of 150 iPhone SE, it’s hard to believe. However, this information edition hi-tech from presented to us yesterday as “exclusive”. And we found let and indirect, but still a refutation of this dimension.

So, for example, “Svyaznoy” has opened pre-orders for new iPhone SE on the night of 29 March, reported in a press-service of the company. “The messenger” marks a high interest in the smartphone, mainly the versions with 16 GB and 64 GB color space grey.

Less than 20% of the users who pre-purchase left of an application for the purchase of two or more devices. High interest in the iPhone SE affects very popular form factor – 4 inch screen. Today, the device can be purchased in offline stores of the retailer in Moscow and regions of Central Russia, as well as online nationwide delivery in the coming days. Moscow buyers can get purchased gadgets today.

At the same time our source in one of the partners of the company, Apple has reported that since the pre-order was received several thousand pre-orders for iPhone SE.

In M. we also confirmed the high demand for the new product.

Last week we collected about the same number of pre-orders, and 6S last fall. In our opinion, this indicates a steady demand for Apple equipment of all types and rulers. IPhone sales SE was launched in our network since yesterday.

Although the re:Store does not disclose data on the number of pre-orders, this can be concluded by the fact that the entire first batch of iPhone SE have been distributed to stores and pre-orders.

We are waiting for the second delivery of phones to provide the active demand of clients. Delivery times vary by region and date of pre-order. Today, the delivery time up to 2 weeks.

The official online store Apple delivery iPhone SE is two to three weeks, and in re:Store, which indicates a high demand. As told us a source familiar with the situation, all official Resellers have made tens of thousands of pre-orders for iPhone SE. Against this background, 150 of smartphones sold in the grey market look ridiculous.

Today, iPhone sales SE began almost all of the Apple Resellers in Russia, and it will be very interesting to see statistics on the number of devices sold by the end of this week.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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