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The Apple Watch was perhaps one of the most anticipated products of “Apple” of the Corporation. Despite the apparent excitement and attention, according to analysts, the product was not as popular, as they say in the Apple.

Earlier, representatives of the company stated sales success hours, without naming specific figures. Such secrecy seems rather strange, especially when you consider the success of the iPhone, which was repeatedly mentioned on many events and reports.

For this reason, several experts from Wall Street decided to conduct its own investigation, the results of which are not so clear. However, Tim cook last Monday of the conference refuted the speculation, saying that Apple Watch is highly successful and in great demand.

“We put a huge batch [hours] early in the year. In the second quarter, we shipped even more than the previous year, said cook. – I can assume that before the New year Apple Watch sales will increase significantly”.

Analyst Agency Piper Jaffray, however, thinks that during the last three months the number of sold hours were unlikely to exceed 2.5 million copies. Despite this, the prophet believes in the success of the Apple Watch and predicts a growth in sales by 2017, up to 40 million copies.

In his opinion, the increase in the popularity of hours can significantly impact a new version of watchOS, who brought into work a number of significant changes. Additionally, the expansion of the “Apple” of the payment system Apple Pay also can have a positive impact on sales of the wearable device.

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