How to achieve maximum speed charging iPhone and iPad

The process of charging smartphones and tablets shrouded in mystery, although most of us charge their electronic devices every day. Why, for example, the iPhone charges quickly, if you connect it to a MacBook Pro, but slowly when this is used laptop on Windows or non-standard adapter?

There are several key factors that affect the rate of charging of the smartphone and tablet through the USB port. First, the energy time of the battery depends on the used interface. Also on this indicator affects the maximum current, and then, as the gadget supports the transfer of energy from a third party device. Usually the strength of the current varies from 0.5 A to 1.5 A: typically, computers support 500 mA (if USB 3.0 connector, 900 mAh) and charger — from 0.5 A to 2.1 A.

The actual charging time depends on how consistent the USB controller on your phone and on the charger, or how a mobile device reads data from the USB contacts. iPhone charges fast only if on both sides of the connection have the correct drivers. For this reason, the Android quickly charged from PC.

Charger Voltage Current Meter Power is a special adapter that allows you to speed up the process of charging mobile electronics. It looks like a USB dongle with a connector on one side. When connected it shows how much energy gets something or other USB device during charging.

It is sufficient to place the device into the USB port of the computer or the power adapter, and then attach the smartphone or tablet. After that, the screen seem to key characteristics, reflecting a charging rate in the current configuration. Thus, after experimenting, you can pick up adapters, USB interfaces and cables that interconnect. To speed up charging, you need a network device or special connectors, allowing you to get a full 5 watts.

In addition, the product is able to measure the amount of stored energy, i.e. how much he went through. The amount of energy stored in different profiles (up to 10) that can be switched.

Charger Voltage Current Meter Power costs $9 and is compatible with all models of smartphones, tablets, computers and adapters. It can be used for other purposes, in particular for the estimation of power supplied to a USB keyboard, or the efficiency of solar batteries.

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Clifton Nichols

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