How to activate audio recording and the mode “invisible” to “Vkontakte” for iPad without jailbreak

Last week MacDigger talked about the new VKSettings add-in that adds new features to the application “Vkontakte” for iPhone. In fact, it is possible to repeat this on the iPad, though slightly more complicated way.

VKSettings have a large list of possibilities. Among other things, the app is useful for users who want to listen to music from the social network and stay offline while using the app. In other words, if you don’t want to answer anyone’s messages then this solution will be most welcome. VKSettings can be installed on devices running iOS 9.3 and above without jailbreak.

Main features VKPreferences:

  • Mode “invisible” (45 seconds or 15 minutes)
  • The return of the section “Recordings”.
  • The imaginary mode of online.
  • “Not read messages”.
  • Hide typing.
  • The removal of restrictions on the content (limit is 18).
  • Disabling safe search video.
  • Change of registration (up to 10 accounts).
  • Setting the display and position of menu items.
  • Background music playing.
  • Manual caching audiozapisey.
  • The choice of the type of client to posts.

Installation VKSettings and her counterpart VKPreferences for iPad-version of “Vkontakte” is performed in several stages. If in the case of iPhone, just go to the website and plug in the certificate in the settings, then on the iPad all the more complicated.

How to install VKPreferences on iPad without jailbreak:

Step 1: Download Mac or in a virtual machine on Windows 7 Xcode package, as well as files VKHD_v2.0.1_vkp_v2.0.3.ipa and iOS App Signer.

Step 2: connect iPad to computer, launch Xcode, create a new application and name it VK and enter an identifier, such as com.yourname.itransmission.

Step 3: under Team, select the current command or specify the settings of the Apple ID. Now click the Fix Issue button to complete profile creation.

Step 4: Roll, run Xcode and the iOS App Signer. Click Browse and double click on the file VKHD_v2.0.1_vkp_v2.0.3.ipa you downloaded in step 1. Select Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile and press Start. On your desktop appear file VKHD_v2.0.1_vkp_v2.0.3.ipa.

Step 5: Open Xcode, click the Window menu, then Select Devices.

Step 6: Select your iOS device, tap the “+” and select your file VKHD_v2.0.1_vkp_v2.0.3.ipa.

Step 7: Client “Vkontakte” with the settings VKPreferences will be downloaded to your iPad.

Step 8: in order to be able to run application, configure the certificate. To do this, open Settings ā€“> General ā€“> Profiles & device management. Here the list of profiles we need to find Astrid Mobile, go to my profile and click “Trust”.

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