How to activate picture-in-picture for YouTube and other video in macOS Sierra

September 20, Apple released the final version of macOS Sierra, which was presented to the public in the framework of the conference WWDC in June 2016. Operating system is offered as a free upgrade for computers running OS X 10.7 and above

In Sierra macOS, Mac users have access to the new function “picture in picture”, with which you can work with one window and view the content in another. So, the Sierra allows you to have a video of Safari or iTunes in a separate window on top of all others while you work and even change its size, drag, or fixed in any corner of the screen. The video remains at the top, even when you are working in another window, so you don’t miss anything.

To enable this functionality for regular video macOS Sierra is quite simple. However, many YouTube users have any questions.

How to enable picture-in-picture in macOS Sierra:

Step 1: In Safari open the YouTube website and play any video.

Step 2: right click on the video you want to watch picture-in-picture. Appears a semi-transparent menu of service.

Step 2: Again, do a second click on the video to open the second, already the system menu. Click the “Enable picture in picture”.

Thus in macOS Sierra can be displayed on the Desk is a small neat window, a video from YouTube. Window you can resize and move to any part of the screen.

In order to use the function “picture in picture” with another video, for example on the Apple website, just click on the appropriate button in the pop-up control window.

Picture-in-picture is only available in macOS Sierra, users of previous versions of the OS can make use of third-party applications, such as Helium or Picture in Picture. Software downloaded from the developer’s site, not via the Mac App Store.

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