How to add dynamic Wallpapers macOS Mojave on any Mac

Dynamic desktops are one of the interesting features of macOS Mojave. This feature adds a desktop Wallpaper that changes depending on the time of day.

Despite the fact that the function of the dynamic Wallpaper is “exclusive” Mojave, the owners of Mac computers with previous versions of the operating system this option is also available.

In this tutorial we will explain how to obtain the effect of dynamic Wallpaper on any version of macOS.

This would require the collection of Wallpapers from 10 to 25 images depicting the same landscape but at different times of the day (sand dunes, Mojave can be downloaded here).

  • Make sure the image files are consecutively numbered (wallpaper1, wallpaper2, wallpaper3, etc.).
  • Click  and go to “System settings”
  • Select “desktop and screensaver” and go to the tab “desktop”
  • Click the “+” button and add a folder of images
  • Select the checkbox “Change picture:” and select “Every hour”
  • That’s all! Now Wallpaper on any version of macOS will also dynamically change within a specified time limit.

    Clifton Nichols

    Clifton Nichols

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