How to add football schedule 2018 FIFA world Cup Russia in the calendar of iOS and macOS

Talk about how to observe the course of the championship, without installing third-party applications.

Adding events to the calendar ā€“ the easiest method of tracking sports events. In contrast to the work in third party programs, no need to adjust to a time zone and to understand the complex interface.

Once you connect the calendar, all future games will appear in the system. They will be identified in a separate list and about each of them the user will know in advance, as in the list matches pre-dated reminders. Moreover, any changes in the table will immediately be reflected in the calendar. This means that you will not need to configure every time, or they can make some changes. The calendar can be personalized by changing the description, removing unnecessary events and so on.

So to sign up, you need to:

  • To access the website iCalShare with a pre-prepared list of events.
  • Click Subscribe to Calendar.
  • To configure the calendar app and click “Subscribe”.

After that all games of the upcoming championship will be displayed in a standard calendar in iOS and macOS, synchronized through iCloud.

The world Cup will start on July 15. The first game will be held between teams of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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