How to add new filters in the Photo app

One of the little known features of iOS is the ability to add extensions to the Photos app. Talk about how to use it to add a standard gallery additional filters.

We will focus on the extension for editing. Are the individual items third-party applications that can partially operate inside the built-in iOS gallery. It’s some mini-apps like iMessage.

The question arises: Why bother to use these extensions if images can be edited directly in the App Store App?

Oddly enough, there are at least two reasons:

  • Pictures edited with the help of the extension, there’s no need to export. All work is done over the original image, and all changes are recorded by Photos.
  • All changes can be instantly removed. And this is done as easily as in the case of using built-in filters.
  • How to activate extensions for editing photos

    In order to see all the packets with filters and other tools to change images, you need to:

    • To open any photo.
    • Click on the “Edit”button.
    • Find a round icon with the three dots and click on it.
    • Panel will appear with a list of extensions (as in Safari).
    • It will show all third-party filters that you can apply to your photo.

    How to use third-party filters

    To apply new filters very easily. Simply open the menu extensions, select the desired app and in the newly opened window select the desired filter.

    The editing process is almost indistinguishable from that in the standard gallery. After making changes, just click “Finish”.

    The only thing left to do is find the appropriate application. A good set of filters for the app “Photo” can boast of a free photo editor RookieCam. You can also use programs Pixelmator and Flare.

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