How to add quick commands to Siri in the menu “share”

Siri Shortucts, or “Team” is one of the innovations of iOS 12. Using program you can create a task sequence that will be executed on a single tap of the screen or by voice command Siri.

However, another possible way to access commands is a menu “Share” in a variety of applications. To configure go to the “Team,” then select and press settings. Then enable the marker to “Show in export”.

In addition, it is necessary to place the program icon in the menu “Share”. To do this, in any accessible location should open this menu, scroll through the bottom strip to the right and click “More”. In the opened window, activate the item “Team”, and then the desired icon appears next to the icon “More”. You are now ready to use quick commands, let’s add the application requires.

The variety of possible functions I will not describe, because a lot of them. For example, you open Safari, select some text and immediately upload it to his twitter. To do this, you create a command, run it on the page in the browser, it prompts you to select a piece of text and automatically puts it where you wanted.

This problem is quite difficult, so I have the example ready-made solutions, which is in the gallery app will show you how to make Safari page PDF file. Yes, this feature is already in the system, but this way readers will be able to understand the sequence of the actions.

To start, run Commands, add new ones and check that the item “Show in export” was active.

Then activate marker “Commands” in export menu. On my example, open Safari.

After that, click on “Commands” and choose “Create PDF”. the end result is just a PDF file.

Those familiar with programming will be enough to create the required task, for example, for downloading videos from YouTube or photos from Instagram directly into the phone. Those who are not so strong in the algorithms can look for ready-made experience from other iOS users on the Internet. “Team” is the best way to accurately set the iOS for yourself.

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Clifton Nichols

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