How to add sites to the black list on iOS 12

Sometimes it is necessary to prohibit device access to certain sites. Starting with iOS 12, this can be done through the system settings. In this tutorial we will tell you how to do it.

This manual will be especially useful to parents who give kids their devices. It is not always possible to monitor children’s activities on the Internet, so Apple took care of it.

Blacklist runs through the “Screen time”, so if this feature is turned off, it is necessary to include. Otherwise block access to the site will not work.

How to add sites to the black list on iOS

  • Open “Settings” ā†’ “Screen time”.
  • Navigate to “Content & privacy” and enable it.
  • Click on “content Restrictions” ā†’ “Web content”.
  • Check the box next to “Limit adult sites”. If you leave it as is, Mozilla will not access sites with adult content, and disable the “Private access”.
  • To add your site to the black list, you must click on “Add a website” in the last paragraph “do Not allow never.”
  • You only have to enter the address of the website.
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