How to adjust the speed of pressing the Home button

Surely every user of mobile devices from Apple faced with the fact that the Home button doesn’t always work the way we expected. Especially easy to notice when you repeatedly click two or three times. This may be because your device is overloaded, and that you push the button too slow, and the device is not able to understand you correctly. Good in iPhone and iPad today a huge number of settings. Among them are the speed setting pressing the Home button.

In order to adjust the speed of pressing the Home button, you need to go to settings, Basic , and find in it menu Universal access. In this menu you will find the tab Home, which adjusts the speed of the press. In order for you to understand how much slower the device allows you to make a second pressing, each time you select one of the items, the device will vibrate with a certain frequency.


This setting is designed for people with disabilities, which may be difficult to press the button with the frequency, which conceived Apple. Configure the frequency of the clicking allows them to display the menu of running applications, not falling accidentally from the home screen due to too long interval between the taps. Perhaps this setting is also useful, because we all use our devices differently.

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