How to avoid becoming a victim of fraud at loss iPhone

With the advent of the Activation Lock, the scammers have become much more creative. Now it is not enough just to get the device, one must also know data the owner’s Apple ID to remove the lock. Trick to receive the password, attackers came up with for a long time, however, users continue to get caught in their net.

Theft or loss of iPhone, as you know — a lot of stress. In this situation, even those who usually have a good head on his shoulders, can easily get lost. For example, you lost her iPhone a couple of days ago (it is better not to do it) and get this SMS:

At first glance it seems that this message from Apple support cheers, an iPhone was found! And the location of the gives to look, well, just a fairy tale. That’s only if you look closely, the link is not part of the such a sender can create anyone, and the message is misspelled (no, really, 24 hours?).

However, in an emergency, and to celebrate what a smartphone was, many move the link as the Twitter user @NicoleKozinski. On usually the window opens enter the user name and password from Apple ID (very similar to the Apple website), then… the data comes back from the scammers. So they will remove Activation Lock and remove iPhone from Find my iPhone.

Be careful not to click suspicious links, warn friends and relatives. And it is always (always!) use two-step authorization.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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